Day 54 (311 left) Law Of Attraction

Being autonomous individual and in the Vortex means sometimes also to set boundaries, to respect yourself by saying no to others. This does not mean you don’t love them or like them, it just means that you love and like yourself first and you are able to give yourself time, space, respect…that you deserve. Therefore you can also give love, time, space, respect… to others. But remember, you first!

And yes! More nice birds today!


Contrast (yesterday): I let myself feel other’s anger and I hurt my gum with toothbrush. Well, being in the Vortex is the best option. ‘I let go all anger. I let go my anger, I let go other people’s anger. I am in peace and love. I am surrounded with people who are in peace and love.’

First contrast: irritation. ‘I am in peace, I am surrounded with nice energies, people and beings.’

Second contrast: anger – feeling it regarding mobbing. ‘I am in peace, I am surrounded with nice energies, people and beings. Only good will come out of this.’

Third contrast: anger – feeling other people anger (empathy). ‘I am calm and relaxed, I am surrounded with people who are calm, have nice, positive energy, are connected with themselves and bring me only good. I love myself.’

Fourth contrast: limitation. ‘I am free, limitless, I can do whatever I like, I am accepted as I am and respected as such.’


  1. Synchronicity: 888, 111 (yesterday), 2255, 0808, 1010, 1122, 1331, 6060, 444, 8833 (when I saw gold plate), 9999 (gold plate), 0000, 0000, 222, 000, 2002, 000
  2. Delicious doughnuts for snack
  3. Immediate bus
  4. Luxury car many times – not counting
  5. My beautiful brand of the car more than 7 times
  6. Organic growth of Blog – I am grateful!
  7. Nice drink with study colleagues
  8. Squirrel
  9. Woodpecker 2 times
  10. White pigeon
  11. Saffron crosus – beautiful purple colour
  12. A stranger asked me to watch over a baby in the pram while she went to the toilet, first I was a little surprised but then I just knew I am trustworthy which is great.
  13. I unraveled another pattern from my youth regarding my grandmother and not taking care for her (regarding food habits and commenting other people food habits), it was something I did not know and was constantly bothering me when I saw and heard people not taking care for themselves regarding food…
  14. Squirrel 2 times
  15.  I was observing dogs and owners, I find it interesting how the energies seem to be similar. I am wondering if it is because of support to human being.
  16. Beautiful walk thought the woods
  17. Immediate bus
  18. Cat in my lap purring
  19. Playful cat – funny, you should see her!
  20. Short but nice time with partner
  21. I saw flying flock of birds ‘in the Field mode’ when I was thinking ‘I am successful.’

Play list:

I’ve realized/learned:

  • What to do when you want something and your closest person doesn’t want you to do that? Well, what is the path of least resistance for you? By doing it or by not doing it? Follow your best feeling thoughts and feelings and you will not miss it. Anyway, you will never be able to satisfy other people’s needs since they are unlimited. Always make things that make you stay (feeling good) in alignment with your Source – in the Vortex.

Today is 34th day of my storytelling process.

More nice manifestations to go! I am eager to find out what else is in my Vortex, what about you and your Vortex?

Have a great night!


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