Day 55 (310 left) Law Of Attraction

‘There must be easier way to get easy income, there must be easier way, I am sure there is easier way to get it and I know I will find out how.’ Sounds familiar? Well, why should there not be easier way to get income, seriously? I know there is, and all is well. Just stay in alignment and in the Vortex.

And yes, I am open and receptive, open and receptive and again Open and Receptive!

Contrast: anger. ‘I am surrounded with people who know how to take care for themselves. I know how to take care for me. I let anger go. There is only peace and love in my life.

Second contrast: sadness. ‘The person I am with is happy and grateful, appreciates me. There is no guilt and shifting responsibility. I am responsible and I appreciate myself.


  1. Synchronicity: 2222, 2255, 2323 (yesterday), 111, 1001, 666, 1133, 444, 1155 (beautiful pigeon), 1515, 222, 444, 2525, 444, 184184 and a picture of golden blocks – wow!!!, 112299
  2. Cat was giving me full attention and love. Thank you cat!
  3. I experienced deja vu (flat, cat, unfulfilled daily duties, expectations), a little eye-opening
  4. Flock of pigeons
  5. Beautiful flight of a pigeon
  6. I’ve seen my favourite brand of car many times
  7. I went out when I remembered to take the garbage. Thank you Universe! – alignment!
  8. Birds singing – so nice
  9. Beautiful heron
  10. When I crossed graveyard there was a ceremony and I felt the spirit of the deceased person, my whole body felt the shivers. I did talk to the soul, said goodbye to the soul and its material life and it went away. – Nice! withlawofattraction365days-dove-spirit-loa

  11. New ideas about business are coming
  12. Playful cat – so funny!
  13. Cat in my lap purring
  14. Nice partly sunny day
  15. Nice walk
  16. I baked delicious bread from organic wholemeal flour
  17. White pigeon among grey pigeons
  18. Luxury car 2 times
  19. Moon and stars, pretty
  20. At singing lesson another nice thing happened, when colleague stopped singing I thought to myself I would like to sing Hello (I already had my time singing two songs) and then music of Hello started playing, WOW! and the teacher said if I would like to sing it, since this was one of songs I practiced, and I did.
  21. I’ve seen a sign of one man playing the guitar ‘You only live once, do everything you want.’ Are you?

  22. Nice night walk through the city centre with partner
  23. Immediate bus

Play list (same as yesterday and the day before…):

I’ve learned/realized:

  • Worrying does not get me anywhere. If I plant a seed I do not expect to see tree in a couple of days, not even a leaf…so, be patient and time to time have a look at your soil. Are you properly taking care for the seed? By this I mean are you in alignment and in the Vortex? Let the Universe do it’s job.

Today is 35th day of my storytelling process.

Manifest. Yes, always.

Good night!


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