Day 57 (308 left) Law Of Attraction

From yesterdays distance and limit to love…it takes time but it is reachable. In the Vortex and into alignment. Today’s day was marked with ducks, yes, ducks 🙂


Contrast: anger; I felt other person’s anger (empathy). ‘I am surrounded with nice people who love and appreciate me, who have nice and clear vibration and if I found myself out of the Vortex I can easily step back in!’

Second contrast: anticipation and fear. ‘I know everything is well even though I don’t see any major changes (it’s like watching the seed grow, remember?)

Thirds contrast: sadness. I felt sadness and I wished to share my feelings with a close friend but she is on a longer trip to Asia. I passed the confectionery where my classmate works. She saw me and sent me a text message (at that exact moment I was in a feeling of sadness) greeting me and asking if I am OK. Strong empathy!

Fourth contrast: I was red in my face because I put too much cacao butter on the skin. It clogged my pores. Awkward feeling! I rubbed my skin with salt and it got better.


  1. Immediate bus (yesterday)
  2. Synchronicity: 555 (yesterday), 0808, 1331, 666, 1818, 3838, 555, 2121
  3. Morning sun in my bedroom
  4. Good sleep
  5. Free time
  6. Pigeon came on my balcony, he looked straight to my eyes, it took a couple of seconds and then he flew away (this happened when I was in troublesome thoughts) – pigeon helped me get back into alignment! I said goodbye to everything that is no my.

  7. I’ve seen my favourite brand of the car 5 times, one of them was really beautiful!
  8. I’ve met an elder acquaintance, a bit of contrast of ignorance. ‘People I meet are nice, in alignment and loving.’
  9. Luxury car
  10. Nice alone time and tea in the bar
  11. Ducks
  12. Two cute ducks
  13. Duck and a sparrow were communicating – so cool!
  14. 3 ducks flying
  15. Beautiful river
  16. Nice walk along the river
  17. 2 ducks flying
  18. 8 duck couples – so cute and nice
  19. Cute nutria was swimming along while I was walking along the river
  20. White duck!!! Wow, it was nice, I’ve seen it for the first time
  21. Wonderful tree and gorgeous roots and yes, energy!
  22. 2 ducks flying
  23. Immediate bus with favourite chair
  24. My favourite brand of car drove by when I was saying: ‘I am wondering what nice will the Universe bring me and I am not limiting myself.’
  25. Nice time with partner
  26. Nice hug with sister

Play list:

I’ve learned/realized:

  • ‘Everything I feel and is not pleasing I can easily let go and stay easily in the Vortex.’
  • Have you noticed how you often see, meet or notice the same people? When this happens to me I wonder what is the connection.

Today is 37th day of my storytelling process.

Manifest big! Remember, every thought is affirmation and thoughts create your reality! If you want different life start saying and thinking differently.


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