Day 58 (307 left) Law Of Attraction

Harmonious day, isn’t that nice to experience. When was your day last like that? Remember, your thoughts create your reality. Nice, beautiful, warm, positive thoughts – nice, beautiful, warm, positive life! Your life is in your hands and you are magnificent being. You deserve all the best and you can create all the best now.


Contrast: Yes, it was despite harmonious day. Remember, contrast is your growth, your expansion, you know what you want and what you don’t want. And that’s all to it. Then just let it go and focus on positive feeling thoughts by going very general about the topic you have felt the contrast.

Well here it is: anger. I asked something to be done and it was not. ‘All components of my life are cooperating with me. The Universe is helping me, I am relaxed and in the Vortex and I know that only good will come out of EVERY SITUATION.


  1. Synchronicity: 2222, 2244, (yesterday), 1001, 1212, 1221, 222, 333, 111, 0000, 000
  2. Morning Yoga – nice stretching time for body
  3. Organic growth of Blog. Thank you! Google!
  4. Delicious breakfast
  5. Butterflies in my belly when reading my today’s daily story up close and in axis mundi. Wow! Powerful!
  6. Luxury car
  7. My favourite brand of the car, in live 2 times, all the rest from video I AM
  8. Primroses – so nice, my partner plaid on one
  9. Many saffrons – beautiful
  10. Nice sunny walk with partner in the woods
  11. Sun
  12. Moss tattoo on the tree, cute
  13. Beautiful catkin
  14. Beautiful magpie overflew our car
  15. Flock of mostly white pigeons flying- beautiful! They were in ‘the Flow’
  16. When I was thinking about one job I am planning to call tomorrow, the car with the same sign of the city the job is located appeared in front of me, this happened twice in 2 minutes time, second car even had number 1133 on a plate
  17. One friend of my partner came, I knew what she was thinking (empathy)
  18. Delicious lunch
  19. Nice relaxing time
  20. I’ve baked delicious bread – Yummy!

Play list:

I’ve learned/realized:

  • Think positive! Fear is just delaying the process, therefore be in the Vortex and in the alignment if you want to manifest faster.

Today is 38th day of my storytelling process.

Manifest big!


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