Day 59 (306 left) Law Of Attraction

It is so nice to do Yoga in the morning, to stretch the body, to write and read the story, to meditate and go out for a walk. Despite that I also experienced the following: ‘Are you sometimes feeling like you’re repeating yourself over and over again. Well, I had such feeling today. I am free of repeating, all things I wish come and become in one try.’


Contrast (yesterday): anger because of privacy issue. ‘People I am with respect my privacy and respect me.’

Contrast: anger because of mobbing and passiveness. ‘People who surround me are free of patterns, traumas and addictions. They are in alignment, connected to the Universe, nice, loving, positive and happy.’

Contrast: anger (some because of empathy, some my). ‘I am with person who is in the Vortex and connected with herself, who loves, respects herself, who is brave and determined, who knows where the limits are and takes them into account.’


  1. Synchronicity: 2233 (yesterday), 1414, 999, 0808, 1100, 555, 1616, 1111, 888, 111, 1001, 111, 888, 777, 999, 2020, 555, 777, 000, 2020, 2121
  2. Great singing practice (yesterday) and today
  3. Good night sleep
  4. Another CV sent
  5. I did morning Yoga – great
  6. Delicious breakfast
  7. Pigeons flying in ‘the Field formation’
  8. I was petting the Cat in my lap, she was purring
  9. Sunshine
  10. Story writing on the couch and reading it, feeling butterflies, beautiful! – alignment
  11. I felt asleep during meditation and sun was shining on me
  12. Nice walk
  13. Wow! Beautiful tree roots!
  14. Calming tree energy
  15. Birds singing
  16. 3 doves
  17. Snowdrops
  18. Luxury car 3 times
  19. I’ve met my classmate who went public with her wisdom teaching (approximately the same time as I did – funny – also synchronicity). It was sort of funny, I was on a walk and she drove by and we saw each other, next thing you could hear were breaks of the car. She came from filming for television – that is one of examples what happens when you follow your inner call! I wish her great success!

  20. I’ve seen my favourite jacket
  21. Beautiful flight of a dove
  22. 4 magpies
  23. Beautiful birch
  24. Bird of prey flying freely
  25. Of course, my favourite brand of the car 8 times live, 3 times in a few seconds and then many more from I AM video
  26. Pancakes with my partner
  27. My strong empathy – I felt my friend, I thought of her and then she texted me, it was in a two seconds time
  28. Madeira booking confirmed. Hurray!

Play list:

I’ve realized/learned:

  • The need people feel to be with someone when the basis comes from fear and loneliness and obligation of other person to be with them, comes not from the Vortex and alignment. It comes from disconnectedness. Sometimes we are so addicted to relationships and people we don’t realize we are not in connection with ourselves and the relationship is based on fear of being left alone and/or abandoned. Therefore people try to please others in any possible way just not to be alone and not to be feeling emptiness and sadness of primary relationship and give away their power to overcome that. It happens that we think other person owes us to be with us, that we own the person. Nothing and no one is self-evident. We have to be grateful for every minute we have with a person and if we are not happy with the time we are receiving from other person we can always start telling different story and manifest different things. That’s all. 

  • ‘There has to be easier way to get money and to get passive incomes, there has to be! I know I am very close, I am in a process (you remember the story of the seed…Patience) – 2222 when reading this!
  • There is no sense of hiding who we are. Be who you are! And be proud of it!
  • There is no use to lay the blame on others, rather align yourself and connect to the Universe.

Today is 39th day of my storytelling process. I feel things are evolving even tough there is not much to be seen except manifestations and good feelings, hey, and that is enough!

Manifest great things, today is great day!


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