Day 60 (305 left) Law Of Attraction

60 anniversary, he he, I’m just joking, it’s 60 day of my blogging, congrats! Today was a day of beautiful things, wishes coming to fruition and contrast. I will write more content tomorrow and in peace, since it’s late and I have classes and a new two-week job tomorrow – wiiiiiii. Well, I did.


Contrast: fear – renovation. ‘I am safe, I know everything is well.’

Contrast: again fear.

Contrast: anger, sadness. ‘I deserve and I am with person who is happy for me. I am free of all cages, I am free of all guilt and I deserve, I am worthy.’


  1. Good night sleep
  2. Flock of pigeons – beautiful
  3. Sun
  4. Yoga – nice
  5. Peace, relaxed atmosphere
  6. Delicious breakfast
  7. Immediate elevator
  8. Synchronicity: 888, 000, 6060, CV, 222, 555, 111, 111, 1111 (When I was thinking: ‘Renovation will be done very soon. Thank you Universe!’), 1122, 1133, 999 (When I was thinking: ‘I know everything will be renovated.’), 1144, 1155, 888, 227788, 444 (I’ve seen it after I’ve sent application for the job, they called me and I will start tomorrow), 1551, 555, 1616, 1717, 444444444444, 888, 888, 333, 50505, 999, 333, CV, 111, 2112, 2255, 0000
  9. Dove
  10. Luxury car 7 times
  11. My favourite brand of the car 4 times, one with 333 car plate,
  12. I’ve met acquaintance on the bus
  13. Work for two weeks
  14. Nice walk in to the woods with partner
  15. I touched the tree and felt the energy and started laughing
  16. Birds singing
  17. Beautiful sunset
  18. Delicious pancakes with home-made spread

Play list:

I’ve realized:

  • Dream big!

Today is 40th day of my storytelling process.

Manifest big!


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