Day 61 (304 left) Law Of Attraction

Today was my first day of two-week job. Wow, what a job, I will be all day travelling around our country and testing mobile devices. It’s a lot of fun. Well, such jobs as I imagined do exist and I courage you to manifest your dream job – remember, Your thoughts create your reality! This job is for my beginning of good feeling jobs and I know there is much more nicer coming up.


Contrast: my wi-fi connection to class wi-fi did not work, I felt anxiety. At one point I just said to myself that I will get password and I did, one classmate gave me her password. Great, statistics program worked!

Contrast: said inappropriate words about intimacy, human dignity and intercourse. ‘I am surrounded with people who are well mannered, respect themselves and others.’


  1. Beautiful sunny day
  2. Delicious pancakes
  3. Nice call of partner
  4. Synchronicity: 444, 222, 222, 222, 1010, 1144, 444, 1155, CV, 444, 999, 222, CV, 333, 2626, 333, 111, 111, 777, 555, 777, 444, 000, 111, 333, 555
  5. Luxury car 9 times
  6. Favourite chair on the bus
  7. Raven flew in front of the bus – cool
  8. Snowdrops
  9. Crown flower
  10. Nice text message from a friend
  11. Birds singing
  12. My favourite brand of the car 6 times!
  13. Funny, relaxed atmosphere at first day of work, happy co-workers
  14. Received three doughnuts
  15. Nice movie in the cinema with partner

Play list:

I’ve learned/realized:

  • You can have nice, great, fun, relaxing and exciting job.

Today is day 41 of my storytelling process. Results are showing!

Manifest great!


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