Day 62 (303 left) Law Of Attraction

Beautiful day, working day in the woods and into the nature. I’ve seen parts of our country I have not seen before.


Contrast: I felt grumpy feelings when I woke up and I had no will to properly begin my day and even to wake up. Then I got angry and found out it was again my strong empathy, I felt other person and it was not my.

Contrast: pain in my head because of phone signals. Hmm, ‘I am surrounded with nice energies that support my body. I am surrounded with nice people who support me.’

Contrast: I felt my head because my new co-worker talked too loud and too long. I had to lay and meditate when I got home to release all electric signals and other energies. ‘I work in healthy and supportive environment for me and my body and with people who are healthy and supportive for me and themselves.’

Contrast: sadness because I went alone to birthday party and ‘feast’, but then I knew why. ‘I am surrounded with highly spiritual beings with clear heart.’ WithLawOfAttraction365days-deer-LOA


  1. Good sleep
  2. Morning Yoga – great!
  3. Beautiful day
  4. Delicious pancakes
  5. Synchronicity: 2244 (yesterday), 222, 333, 111, 777, 1111, 000, 1122, 2332, 1144, 1155, 1414, 2244, 1441, 444, 222, CV, 2288, 111, 111, 888, 1551, 6886, 7667, 777, 666, 1818, 888, 88888, 4848, 2233, 444, 2244
  6. Bird of prey
  7. Beautiful cities/exploring my country while testing mobile devices, it was nice, but I felt sick from time to time, because road was winding and signal were too many and too strong.
  8. Dove
  9. Snowdrops and many beautiful violet flowers
  10. Birds singing
  11. We were on a forest road and I saw such a beautiful river, emerald green colour, many streams and fresh air, we’ve also seen ski slopes and skiers
  12. My favourite brand of the car  3 times!
  13. Received free lunch
  14. Free ride to singing class
  15. Nice singing class, we prepared delicious snacks after class, with birthday celebration in a bar with a concert
  16. Spirituality talk

Play list:

I’ve learned/realized:

  • When you stay in the Vortex enough time manifestations will follow.
  • Nice people are coming into my life – highly spiritual and connected.

Today is day 42 of my storytelling process.

Good night!


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