Day 64 (301 left) Law Of Attraction

Good day, my was a bit hard, but I somehow managed to overcome my period body pain. I am connected to the Moon, great! ‘I know Universe loves me and wishes me only nice and beautiful things, I am open and receptive, open and receptive for all good to come in my life now.’


Contrast: I was not feeling well. ‘I know all is well even though my body is in pain. I love and respect my body.’

Contrast: payment – rolled dumplings. ‘All is well, I am safe and supported.’

Contrast: 4 restaurants/bars. ‘I can have time for me, I can take time off and relax.’


  1. Good breakfast
  2. Synchronicity: 1144, 777, 333, 555, 1717, CV, 999, 888, 444, 9898, 555, 3388, 888, 333, 2121, 2222 (when posting yesterday’s blog), 2233, 2233
  3. Beautiful sunny day
  4. Angry swan – funny! He was paddling as he was the lead swan and he was chasing away every swan he saw. Hm, that is how I felt…
  5. I’ve seen favourite jacket
  6. Beautiful lake, ducks, swans
  7. Funny occurrence with parking the car, barrier, restaurant, camera, QR code and sensor – actually hilarious
  8. Delicious strukelj/rolled dumplings
  9. Luxury car  times
  10. I’ve seen my favourite brand of the car  times
  11. Purple saffron
  12. Walk with partner along the lake
  13. I’ve seen my sister, I gave her some bio foods
  14. Tea with partner’s friend

Play list:

I’ve learned/realized:

  • Play the game called life and you’ll receive what you wished.
  • I accept that other people can also take care for me.

Today is day 44 of my storytelling process.

Good night!


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