Day 65 (300 left) Law Of Attraction

Nice day with a huge contrast at the end and still lasting. ‘It doesn’t matter, I process it each time better.’

One accident happened on ski slope and the police helicopter came and took one person. Life is to live now, so do what you want and what you like and be with who you like to be, live 100%, or even better 1000%. Happy!


Contrast: anger (small kids in the middle of ski slopes which was also dangerous). ‘I ski on an empty ski slope, everything is nice and easy and I have a lot of space for express my skiing freely.’

Contrast: anger (privacy). ‘I have my own privacy and I am respected, I also respect other’s privacy.’

Contrast: trust and privacy (playing lotto on a different account). ‘I am safe and all is well.’

Contrast: 5* restaurant and ex-girlfriend call. I felt anger and betrayal. ‘I am surrounded with nice, positive, supportive energies, I deserve only the best and I am worthy of only the best relationships on this planet, even better, in this Universe.’ (hm, the only candle that burned out completely during dinner was on our table)


  1. Delicious breakfast
  2. Synchronicity: 2255, 111, 4040, CV, CV, CV, 3993, 555, 7007, 8855, 111, 1122, 111, 888
  3. Beautiful sunny day
  4. Purple saffron
  5. Talk with para-glider
  6. Nice skiing and time on deck chairs
  7. A flock of black birds – 2 times
  8. Beautiful ski slopes and great snow
  9. Delicious lunch
  10. Beautiful lake and sandy beaches
  11. Pearl colour of the car (we were talking earlier what colour of car I like and I said pearl, but only on some cars, and then the pearl car came when driving back from ski slopes)
  12. Nice car ride
  13. Playful black ducks in the lake
  14. Luxury dinner in 5* hotel restaurant
  15. I’ve seen my favourite brand of the car 3 times

Play list:

I’ve learned/realized:

  • Contrast – you know what you want, you know what you don’t want – is huge expansion!
  • I can’t make no one to do what I like, but I can walk away if that is my path of least resistance.

Today is day 45 of my storytelling process.

Good night!


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