Day 67 (298 left) Law Of Attraction

I feel my energy is on a high level and I am prepared to lead and finish projects. It is Universal creative energy. Do you ever feel like that? Great! If not, I am sure you can, when you start practicing The Law of Attraction.


Contrast: It was very warm day and I cooked myself – dressed too much. ‘Well, I survived, all is well, I’ll dress something else next time.’

Contrast: ignorance of second ex co-worker. ‘I am respected and valued.’

Contrast: anger because of waiting. ‘I am respected and my time is respected.’


  1. Synchronicity: 2323, 111, 77, 222, 1414, 444, CV 777 (car plate), 333, CV, 444, 999, 444, 444, 2211
  2. Good night sleep
  3. Nice time with partner
  4. Yoga
  5. Relaxing time alone
  6. Still day off
  7. Delicious breakfast
  8. Meditation 2 times
  9. Beautiful pigeon flight
  10. Dove
  11. Half white pigeon
  12. Luxury car 3 times
  13. I’ve seen my favourite brand of the car 4 times
  14. I’ve met recent ex-co-worker in the city centre
  15. Saffron
  16. Birds singing
  17. Beautiful walk in the park
  18. Walk with sister
  19. 2 Doves
  20. Robin bird
  21. Flying ducks
  22. 2 squirrels
  23. Moorhen
  24. Walk along nice path surrounded with beautiful houses
  25. Opportunity for extra earning – real estate
  26. Opportunity for internship

Play list:

I’ve learned/realized:

  • Each of us has it’s path, why not make it as nice and easy as you can?
  • There is no use of blaming anyone, it is all reflection.

Today is day 47 of my storytelling process.

Good night, manifest big!


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