Day 68 (297 left) Law Of Attraction

Beautiful but long day, I am looking forward going to bed. What about your day? How many beautiful things have you manifested?


Contrast: anger, disagreement about sex with professor (men, woman, what about others?) ‘All people are accepted and respected as they are.’

Contrast: anxiety (empathy). ‘I know all people have their own paths and purpose on this World, all is well.’

Contrast: loneliness. ‘I am loved, accepted, appreciated, all is well, my life is beautiful.’

Contrast: anger, because of waiting others. ‘People respect me and my time.’


  1. Good night sleep
  2. Synchronicity: 2244, 2233 (yesterday), 333, 333, 6006, 1155, 777, 333, 555, 2020, 888, 777, 777, 333, 333, 333
  3. Immediate bus 2 times
  4. Sunny day
  5. Birds singing
  6. Beautiful trees
  7. Warm sun and drink with classmates
  8. Nice time in the store where they sell creams and lotions, I received special treatment and it was really pleasant
  9. Drink with a friend near the lake in the park, nice time – chill out time!
  10. Purple field of Saffron
  11. Luxury car 1 time
  12. I’ve seen my favourite brand of the car 1 time
  13. Nice walk into the woods with my partner
  14. Birds singing
  15. More beautiful trees
  16. Primroses
  17. Nice dinner with dandelion

Play list:

I’ve learned/realized:

  • This World is so beautiful, enjoy it!
  • Enjoy each step you make, it is unique.

Today is day 48 of my storytelling process.

Keep the great work!


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