Day 69 (296 left) Law Of Attraction

This World offers so many beautiful things, from flowers, butterflies, trees, animals…it’s just if we see all this beauty? ‘My eyes are open for all beauty the World can offer, I am open and receptive for all good.’

‘There must be easier way to get millions, there must be easier way. I am open and receptive.’


Contrast: mild headache, I was too long behind computer. ‘I can take free time doing nothing.’

Contrast: bad driving. ‘I am safe on the road and all components are cooperating.’

Contrast: resentment and sadness because of notice about registered post, I know it is my debt waiting to be paid off. ‘All is well, all Universe loves and supports me, I am safe in the Universe and debt free.’

Contrast: anger (cat, unwashed hands, face…). ‘I am respected, I deserve clean and nice things, I can set my boundaries, all is well. People who touch me are clean.’


  1. Good night sleep
  2. Synchronicity: 2255, 1001, 0606, 111, 111, 333, 999, 888, 222, 1515, 111, 999, 555, 888, 777, CV, 555, 888, 555, 999, 555, CV, 999, 888, 555, 111, 888
  3. Yoga
  4. Nice sunny day
  5. Chill out relaxing morning
  6. I was still at home and my boss sick – free day
  7. I was at home and hungry and my part called if I can pick her up and we went to have something to eat
  8. Delicious dish made of white beans
  9. Primroses
  10. Nice walk into the woods with my partner
  11. Tit singing
  12. Yellow butterfly
  13. Beautiful trees
  14. Birds singing
  15. Purple field of Saffron
  16. Luxury car 8 times, one had a car plate RRR, the other 333
  17. I’ve seen my favourite brand of the car 8 times, one was behind me – beautiful! One had car plate 8998! And later again one was behind me – this are all signs of financial manifestation, I know everything is very close. Thank you Universe for all these signs!
  18. Funny – I thought woman in the car besides me was talking to me, actually was talking to her dog who was at the front seat
  19. Writing my story on the bench outside near castle – it was so nice!
  20. Birds singing
  21. Beautiful tree and its energy
  22. Purple field of Saffron
  23. Ride with the car to singing lesson with a partner
  24. Singing lesson
  25. Bruschette by my partner

Play list:

I’ve learned/realized:

  • Keep believing, I believe and fake it till you make it! Remember, the Universe does not differentiates between reality or non reality.

Today is day 49 of my storytelling process.


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