Day 71 (294 left) Law Of Attraction

I know nice things are on the way even though there is not much to be seen. Yes, there are manifestations as you can read below and that’s it. That’s it. It is only about letting go and letting happen because all is done, it is in the Vortex. More I feel and imagine my great life, all nice things, abundance … more and faster I receive it. That’s all to it.


Contrast: nervousness (empathy), ‘All People around me are calm and connected. I am in peace.’

Contrast: anger (socks). ‘All my things are clean and it is always taken care for me.’

Contrast: anger, I was late for bus. ‘It happens. I am always on time and right time at the right place.’

Contrast: too little food. ‘All abundance is available to me.’ And I felt sick…hm

Contrast: refusal, sadness and denying self. ‘I am with a person who is brave and proud of who she is and is proud to show that.’

Contrast: discomfort seeing other people limit and argue with others. ‘I am surrounded with positive, connected, in the Vortex, nice people who respect themselves and others and know how to behave.’

Contrast: anger (feeling partner – empathy!). ‘I am surrounded with calm, nice people with nice, calm energy.’


  1. Good night sleep
  2. Yoga
  3. Delicious breakfast
  4. Synchronicity: 444, 999, 777, 111, 1001, 1133, 1144, 1212, 888, 888, 222, 555, 3333, CV, 111, 111, 000, 000, 00000, 111, CV, 1551, 999, 1717, 444, 555, CV 444, CV, 1818, 222, 777, CV, 555, 6886, 888, 8811,
  5. Favourite seat on the bus
  6. I received more info about working on the cruise ship. It’s nice to clear things out.
  7. I’ve seen my favourite brand of the car 6 times
  8. Luxury car one time
  9. Invitation of partner friends for brunch
  10. Nice ride
  11. Snowdrops
  12. Beautiful meadows
  13. Beautiful buzzard
  14. Delicious pastry made of cacao and coconut
  15. Picking dandelion
  16. White cat in the middle of the field
  17. Delicious dinner

Play list:

I’ve learned/realized:

  • Step out of argument as soon as you can, go back into the Vortex, even though people you love stay outside arguing, being angry, sad, …
  • It’s great that only we think in our mind, we have all control of manifestation. I have all control over my manifestations (our thoughts create our reality).
  • I deserve only great things in life.
  • I am grateful for the experience and I let it go. Universe you know what I want.

Today is day 52 of my storytelling process.

Manifest peace, love and abundance, you can!


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