Day 72 (293 left) Law Of Attraction

Doing something you know that will not work out, sounds familiar? and keep insisting? Ufff, that’s my life at the moment. ‘I am open and receptive, I am brave and I trust Universe for the new step. I can easily let things go.’


Contrast: I need to stop doing something to be able to receive new! ‘I’m getting there!’

Contrast: I’ve hurt my knee, now it’s fine. ‘I am in peace and love, I love myself and others, I accept me and others.’

Contrast: ‘radiating weird energies’ ‘I am surrounded with people who have nice and loving energy and I am fully accepted.’

Contrast: many dead frogs. Nature has its course.

Contrast: impatience, getting on my nerves. ‘All is well, I am calm and calm people surround me.’


  1. Synchronicity: 2211, 2211 (yesterday), 2332 and 333 when listening to the clip How to ‘receive your desire’, 1111, 1122, 999, 000, 888, 777, 51215, CV, 1331, 333, CV, 9999, 444, 000, 333, 000, 000, 1717, 111, 1919,
  2. Good long night sleep
  3. Yoga
  4. Delicious breakfast
  5. Primroses
  6. Doves
  7. Buzzards
  8. Trip to unknown with partner – nice
  9. Lake, actually many ponds
  10. Hellebore, primroses, snowdrops, crown flowers, creeks, birds singing – so wonderful!, wood path, herons, many new types of flowers, frogs, moss, fish
  11. Smell of forest
  12. Sound of creek
  13. Picking wild garlic for tomorrow’s pasta, Yummy!
  14. Wild pheasant – beautiful!
  15. Luxury car one time
  16. I’ve seen my favourite brand of the car 2 times
  17. Delicious lunch
  18. Cat in my lap purring
  19. Yummy homemade ‘nutella’ and healthy wholemeal pancakes!
  20. Practicing singing
  21. Multi-tasking

Play list:

I’ve learned/realized:

  • Beauty is in you!

Today is day 53 of my storytelling process.

Live with open heart, open and receptive!


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