Day 74 (291 left) Law Of Attraction

Better evening than morning. Contrast is gone and I am back on my river of life. I know I did many asking and I know I have to be in receptive mode to receive it.

I actually am manifesting money without even working. Thank you Universe!!!

One interesting thing happened; both ex-companies have published advertisements for jobs I’ve been doing.


Contrast: anger (program not installed) and I also felt abandonment. Uff! My affirmation was: ‘I am loved and appreciated.’

Contrast: anger because of ignorance. ‘I am appreciated, accepted and loved.’ I’ve seen numbers 1001. ‘Universe I give up, I give all up!’

Contrast: long contrast meanwhile lectures. My affirmation: ‘I am accepted and appreciated, I know the Universe has the best for me and I am in peace waiting for it to happen.

Contrast: still in the contrast – I’ve seen a boy on a wheelchair smiling, I changed my mood instantly to happy.


  1. Synchronicity: 2211, 2222, 111, 999, 000, 1155, 111, 111, 1144, 444, 1221, 1313, 888, 2288, 1441, 0000, 444, 111, 555, 555, 888, 9999, 1616, 000, 1515, 2222, 2244
  2. Better night sleep as yesterday, I asked to sleep alone (I again felt other person’s body – empathy)
  3. Immediate bus
  4. I’ve seen my favourite brand of the car 4 times
  5. Luxury car 6 times
  6. All afternoon free
  7. I’ve invited sister for lunch (broccoli soup, rice pasta with cream and wild garlic, yummy!)
  8. Nice time with partner talking and doing nothing

Play list:

I’ve learned/realized:

  • Patience!

Today is day 55 of my storytelling process.

Good night and dare to dream big, it’s the vibration that counts!


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