Day 77 (288 left) Law Of Attraction

Time flies, it’s 77th day of my blogging, many nice and contrasting things have happened and I am sure this is only the beginning and there are many nice things still to happen and to come. I am eager and can’t wait!


Contrast: waiting to finish and go from the restaurant. When I realized I have power to speed up the process I lied back in the chair, relaxed, connected to ground and Universe and just sat there. Well, then manifestation happened, we went!

Contrast: anger for hearing words of ‘jock’ about lacking and crossing privacy and dignity. ‘I am respected, appreciated and have everything I desire. I am worthy and I deserve it all and even more. I love myself and others. All is well.’

Contrast: anger, no private time and priority. ‘I always have private time and I am appreciated for the time I give and receive and I appreciate other people’s time. My partner has time for me.’

Contrast: uncomfortable feeling singing before partner. I sweat a lot. Well, but I did sing a part from the song. Well done!


  1. Good night sleep
  2. Luxury car 7 times, one had car plate 444, one 666
  3. I’ve seen my favourite brand of the car 5 times
  4. Synchronicity: 444, 2244, 000, 000, 666, 444 444, 555, 333, 1122, 444, 333, 777, 666 666, 2266, 7777, 222, 555, 222, 1919, 2121, 77 88
  5. Bird of prey 3 times, beautiful bird
  6. Flock of pigeons flying, so nice
  7. Beautiful landscape
  8. Working day – more money
  9. Nice restaurant for lunch
  10. Again flock of pigeons
  11. Delicious vegetable soup and home-made bread
  12. Again flying pigeons
  13. Car plate with sign ‘4ever’
  14. Cute, many little old-timers on the road
  15. Pearl coloured car
  16. Another old-timer
  17. Butterfly
  18. Nice little pond
  19. Beautiful walk around the pond and into the woods to castle ruins
  20. Purple cyclamen
  21. Other nice flowers (white, primroses…)
  22. Long-haired tree, I’m joking, it was beautiful moss covering the tree, looking like a tattoo
  23. Beautiful tree and it’s energy
  24. Funny cat in the forest
  25. Nice singing practice
  26. Nice evening time with the partner
  27. Nice home dinner
  28. Delicious cake made by my partner

Play list:

I’ve learned/realized:

  • Let go of all fears, obstacles and embrace life and its beauty.

Today is day 58 of my storytelling process.

I wish you a great sleep!


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