Day 78 (287 left) Law Of Attraction

Today I started practicing lucid dreaming. It goes like this, every 15 minutes I ask myself if I am dreaming and I check my hands if I have 5 fingers (in lucid dreaming there are 6 fingers on one hand).


Contrast: talking about ‘normal’ things. What is normal?? Like everything should be perfect. This happened when I said I started practicing lucid dreaming and visitors are coming. ‘All is well, I am accepted as I am and there are people around me that support me and are happy for me. I am happy for me and only nice and beautiful things are coming to me.’

Contrast: anger (old man, flower)…need to please. The affirmation is: ‘There is no one I have to please. There is only me and what I wish and want. I am a powerful creator and I know all is well and the Universe supports me in all areas of life, only nice and beautiful things come into my life every day. I am eager for more.’

Contrast: anger, no mutual agreement for the time of visit. Affirmation: ‘I am considered seriously and I can say what I like and don’t like. People around me are always cooperative components. I focus easily and I am a master of manifestation.’

Contrast: anger. I asked for something and I was not heard, I was ignored, not respected.’I am with a person who considers me seriously, respects me and is willing to cooperate with me.


  1. Good night sleep
  2. Interesting dreams, I found out the recipe for a dish made of beans; two days I dreamed one cute seal jumping out of the sea to one man and back
  3. Morning meditation
  4. Delicious breakfast
  5. Delicious raw cake
  6. Song All Good Things (Come To An End) ‘I am grateful for the experience and eager for more.’
  7. Bird of prey
  8. Early finished working
  9. Beautiful flock of pigeons ‘in the Field formation’
  10. Sun
  11. Birds singing
  12. Forest
  13. Nice flowers and caterpillar
  14. Sitting on a bench on the sun, so nice
  15. Horses – very funny, they had funny hair
  16. Nice singing practice
  17. Luxury car 4 times
  18. I’ve seen my favourite brand of the car 4 times
  19. Synchronicity: 1111, 888, 111, 222, 1122, 1122, 666, 222, 1212, 1331, 1414, 000, 111, 1331, 333, 111, 777, 1551, 111, 888, 111, 7887, 1122, 2233
  20. Nice visit

Play list:

I’ve learned/realized:

  • I let all crap go! I welcome only nice and beautiful things in my life and people. I am open and receptive.
  • I am strong, brave and I am able to make huge changes in my life, I know I am supported and I know all is well. I trust myself and I trust the Universe. ‘I let all resentment go. I let go all people, I am free.’

Today is day 59 of my storytelling process.

I wish you a great sleep!


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