Day 79 (286 left) Law Of Attraction

‘I am completely accepting myself and others.’

‘I release all blame.’

Today started my era of being alone – to set my fine vibration tuning – in the Vortex.


Contrast: anger; I was not informed when I start working. I was waiting and had to cook myself lunch. I could do also some other nice things if I knew I’ll start so late. ‘I am respected and my time is respected and I respect other’s time.’

Contrast: anger when setting window shutter; ‘I let all anger go and I accept only nice and good in my life.’

Contrast: anger and discomfort; I thought I will not be able to practice singing, but then I could. Thanks!


  1. Good night sleep, I managed differentiate and limit feeling others, so I could sleep well (I connected myself to the Earth and Universe – white tunnel and released all what was not my)
  2. Synchronicity: 2255 (yesterday), 1133, 333, CV, 111, CV, 222, 333, 1441, 444, 111, 444, 888888888888, 88888888888, 2121, 222, 2244
  3. Morning meditation
  4. Home alone
  5. I prepared lunch and ate at home
  6. Relaxing on the couch and meditating, writing my story
  7. I started working really late
  8. Very short time working
  9. Bird of prey
  10. Warm sun
  11. Nice sound of birds and river
  12. I took time to be alone, I feel I need it
  13. Beautiful purple – violet flowers
  14. Nice smell of resin, I played with it
  15. Nice energy of the tree
  16. Little leafs of beautiful tree, they smelled so nice
  17. Domesticated pig on the leash
  18. Dogs playing in front of me
  19. Cute duck flying
  20. Singing practice

Play list:

I’ve learned/realized:

  • I need to set stronger boundaries towards others. Affirmation: ‘I am the master of my time and only nice and beautiful things come to me. I am blessed.’

  • I noticed there is much anger that sets me in contrast. ‘I let all anger go and accept peace and love in my body and life.’

Today is day 60 of my storytelling process.

Good night!


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