Day 80 (285 left) Law Of Attraction

Some people say goodbye in relationship and they still live under the same roof, but they live past one another. There is no cooperation, respect, unity, good example for their children. The affirmation for that kind of situation would be:

‘I take my life in my hands, I deserve the best and I have the best. Now is the time to realize it!’


Contrast: discomfort – no work. ‘I appreciate free time for me and know all is well, abundance comes to me in many forms.’

Contrast: saw a man slapped the dog because he was not listening to him. ‘All I see is beauty, beauty surrounds me, and beauty is in me.’

Contrast: school horses came and teachers, they were constantly saying out loud, it became annoying, so I went away. That was my path of least resistance.

Contrast: a dog (chihuahua) bite another dog (golden retriever) in the snout. Luckily it was nothing serious. ‘Nature has its course.’


  1. Good night sleep
  2. Synchronicity: 111, 1133, 1133, 0000000, 1616, 111, 1818, 555, 444, 1818, 111, 2121
  3. I did some study homework, due date is in two week, Whoopee!
  4. Free time for me
  5. Breakfast
  6. I had time to clean my bike and fill tires with air and had my first ride – nice!
  7. Nice hippodrome
  8. Beautiful horses
  9. Nice smell of flowers, every tree is blossoming and blooming, so nice!
  10. Beautiful singing of birds
  11. Nice bench under pinus tree
  12. Writing the story on that bench
  13. Dog came to say hello, funny
  14. Warm and nice day
  15. Boy on the bike greeted me, nice!
  16. Nice smell of trees
  17. Sound of river
  18. Bench with silence
  19. One flying duck
  20. Two flying ducks
  21. Three flying ducks – cool!
  22. Immediate bus connection and free bus ride
  23. My partner invited me for lunch in the city centre
  24. I’ve seen luxury car 2 times
  25. Funny – one man was talking on the lap top (imagine holding a lap top to your ear and talking)
  26. More ducks in the city river
  27. Walk along the river with partner
  28. Raven was bathing in the river – I’ve seen it for two times, very funny
  29. I’ve seen my favourite brand of the car 2 times!
  30. I’ve seen many nutrias
  31. I’ve seen a rat
  32. Nice singing practice

Play list:

I’ve learned/realized:

  • I am open and receptive.

  • I love my life.

  • I am grateful!

Today is day 61 of my storytelling process.

Have a great night!


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