Day 81 (284 left) Law Of Attraction

I am expanding huge in the relationship and finance. Great! Now it is time to reap what I sow. Relax, keep it cool! Patience!!!!


Contrast: smaller piece of cake for my classmate, discomfort as it was a gift. ‘All is well, I am grateful.’

Contrast: It was a hard contrast and I’ve put much in the Vortex; I cried. My affirmation is: ‘I trust life and I know Universe brings me only best. I deserve only the best and I have only the best. I am abundant and abundance comes into my life daily and in many forms.’


  1. Good night sleep
  2. Synchronicity: 2244 (yesterday), 333, 111, 222, 111, 222, 444, CV, CV, 333, 2002, 2121
  3. I’ve seen luxury car 7 times
  4. Nice response of classmates (they liked the cake, one wanted a recipe)
  5. Classmate sang a song from Cyndi Lauper I see your true colours two times during lectures (True Colours was my logo and the name of the company 4 years ago – interesting! And I am really thinking very intensely whether to again open a company)
  6. Nice drink on the sun with classmates
  7. Nice time on the bench along the river with the partner during a break
  8. Nice walk in the park with partner
  9. Cute duck flying very low
  10. Nice dinner at Mexican restaurant with partner
  11. Pigeon of interesting colours
  12. Beautiful colours of clouds and sky, clouds were pink and the sky was blue
  13. Ha, ha car pearl colour
  14. Funny singing practice
  15. Another home ‘alone night’

Play list:

I’ve learned/realized:

  • I am grateful for where I am. I accept my life. I love myself.

Today is day 62 of my storytelling process.

Stay focused and in the Vortex!


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