Day 82 (283 left) Law Of Attraction

‘I am happy for other peoples’ success.’


Contrast: tension while waiting to start working, it was postponed for an hour. Affirmation: ‘All is well and only good will come out of this.’

Contrast: I’ve seen a burning car on the highway and I’ve called the police. Luckily the woman who was driving was already outside, she was fine.

Contrast: negotiations regarding real estate and renting. ‘All is well, only good will come out of this.’


  1. Synchronicity: 222, 222, 2233, 2255 (yesterday), 1010, 888, 1111, 111, 1144, 1155, 1212, 999, CV, 777, 7878, 1414, 9922, 666, CV, 444, 999, 6006, 222, 9999, 333, 111, 2112, 222
  2. Nice time for me
  3. Morning meditation, it was very strong
  4. I’ve seen luxury car 7 times
  5. Later work
  6. New co-worker
  7. Nice ride to the sea side
  8. Bird of prey – beautiful
  9. Nice sunny day
  10. Thank you Universe – sea! (this was my wish couple of days ago)
  11. 2 yellow butterflies, so pretty
  12. Nice sea and nice smell of the sea
  13. Beautiful butterfly
  14. Lunch at the sea side
  15. Funny ride with co-workers and a lot of laugh
  16. Birds of prey
  17. I’ve seen my favourite brand of car 5 times
  18. Yellow butterfly
  19. Bird of prey
  20. I again play lotto
  21. Visit of a photographic exhibition, It was very nice, photographer who was exhibiting picture was teaching me photographing a few years ago; with a partner
  22. Nice walk through the city centre with my partner
  23. Still sleeping alone, early bed time

Play list:

I’ve learned/realized:

  • Today I’ve met a person who believes that only with hard work the success can be achieved. I was joking if it was meant hardware since the person is from IT profession. Then it would be better if it is software. Well, our thoughts create our future, think nice and easy thoughts to have nice and easy life. There is no need to be hard to yourself.

Today is day 63 of my storytelling process.

In the Vortex!


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