Day 84 (281 left) Law Of Attraction

Hi! I’ll write the blog tomorrow since I’m coming home late at night.

Here it is:

We went skiing in the morning to one part of the country and to the concert to the other part of the country. Both experiences were nice, but it was quite tiresome day at the end.WithLawOfAtrraction365days-concert-LOA

Contrast: distraction, cat was making noise in the morning. ‘I sleep in peace and silence each time.’

Contrast: bad skiing conditions since the snow was wet and heavy, I was in a contrast for some time. ‘I ski in nice, delightful conditions. I enjoy it a lot and have a great time.’

Contrast: unpleasant drive. ‘All cars I sit in are driving nice and careful. All drivers are connected and in the Vortex (alignment).’

Contrast: unpleasant feeling because of the talk before partner’s friend birthday. ‘I let it all go. Life loves me and supports me, all is well. I am safe in the Universe.’

Contrast: more contrast in relationship during concert. My positive affirmation: ‘I have a girlfriend who does not drink alcohol and behaves very polite and culturally.’


  1. Beautiful day
  2. Nice light
  3. Beautiful fresh green grass
  4. Skiing
  5. Breakfast on the sunny terrace at the ski slope
  6. Synchronicity: 000, 1001, 111, 111, 999, CV, CV, 1515, 000, 6622, 9889, 5511, 999, 2266, 444, 111, 555, 555, 1919, 1515, 222, 000, 777, 555, 444, 111, 0909, 4444444444444 (Wow!!!), 2244, 000, 000, 444, 111, 2112, 222, 111, 777, 222
  7. Delicious lunch
  8. Beautiful landscape
  9. Nice and warm sun
  10. I’ve seen my favourite brand of the car 5 times
  11. Bird of prey
  12. Yellow butterfly
  13. Another butterfly
  14. Funny cloud (in a shape of a woman)
  15. Nice song Jimmy Cliff – I can see clearly now
  16. Invited to a birthday of partner’s friend
  17. I’ve seen luxury car 3 times
  18. Nice concert
  19. Nice song with the title The river

Play list:

  • No meditation, just sleep

I’ve learned/realized:

  • Contrast means huge expansion. If you don’t like what you see change the picture you’re looking at.

I skipped writing of the story, I came home too late. It happens.

Sleep tight!


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