Day 85 (280 left) Law Of Attraction

After many contrasts I allowed nice things to happen and they came today. I’ll write more details tomorrow, it’s a bit late and I have shortage in sleep.


Here they are:


  1. Synchronicity: 1331, 333, 7777777777777, 222, 444, 111, 666, 444, 999, 555, 2233, 2244, 2244, 2255, 333
  2. Nice breakfast
  3. Nice walk to the nature with partner
  4. Beautiful butterfly
  5. Nice ponds
  6. Beautiful swan
  7. Two small dark green snakes
  8. Yellow flowers
  9. Butterfly
  10. Wild garlic picking
  11. Caterpillar
  12. Bird of prey
  13. Nice pigeons flying
  14. Swan was following us – funny
  15. Magpie
  16. 2 birds were playing
  17. Car pearl colour
  18. I’ve seen my favourite brand of car 2 times
  19. I’ve seen luxury car 5 times
  20. Another pearl colour
  21. Nice delicious dinner (home made goulash and baked potato)
  22. Nice time with partner
  23. Funny – cat was talking to me

Play list:

  • Nothing, I was too sleepy.

I’ve learned/realized:

  • Nature is so beautiful, it’s a place to soothe every day’s contrast. Use it more often.

Today is day 65 of my storytelling process.


Good night and manifest nice and beautiful things, my day was like that.


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