Day 89 (276 left) Law Of Attraction

Nice surprises happen unexpectedly, it is so nice to be a part of it! Thank you Universe!


Contrast: discomfort and anger, no space in the city centre at the castle area and payment for car parking. ‘I always find free parking that is very close. I trust the Universe.’

Contrast: ad hoc shopping for clothes. My affirmation:  ‘Everything is calm, nice, peaceful and easy.’


  1. Yesterday evening: nice singing practice
  2. Synchronicity: 222 (yesterday), 111, 444, 777, 000, 000, 1100, 555, 444, 1919, 111, 777, 1221, 666, 444, 444, 1414, 777, 1441, 999, 999, 777, 888, 888, 222, 000, 888, 444, 2002, 1551, 1919, (888, 888 thew were parked opposite), 2020, 999, 222, 111, 1010, 2121, 2222
  3. Positive text message from sister (yesterday)
  4. Good night sleep
  5. I’ve woke up singing the song Love my life from Robbie Williams
  6. I’ve seen luxury car 8 times
  7. I’ve seen my favourite brand of the car 2 times
  8. I’ve met a friend neighbour from the next building, they have a camper van, so cool! Brand new and modified.
  9. Free time
  10. I’ve met an ex, looks old with gray hair
  11. Delivery of delicious organic cheese from mountain area, yummy!
  12. I’ve had a drink with my friend, but before that she gave me 10c, she had 20c, and we both wished a wish and threw coins into the fountain – so thoughtful!
  13. White pigeon – beautiful!
  14. I prepared delicious lunch/dinner (mixed eggs, swiss chard and wild garlic, mashed potato)

Play list:

I’ve learned/realized:

  • There are many different types of people characters, I’ve noticed some are stuck in learned powerlessness! Let it all go!

Today is day 69 of my storytelling process.

Sleep tight!


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