Day 90 (275 left) Law Of Attraction

Top s*** evening! Wow, I worked on a spectacular concert, I’ll write more in the morning since it is late.


Song of the day – Love my life from Robbie Williams!!! Great!!!

After wrong payment (you can read it below under last contrast), I was determined that I deserve to work for the highest amount possible. I immediately stared looking for jobs that have that and I found one. It was a job at the concert the same evening and Saturday. I had to sent them my picture and some working experience. I was accepted, but I had to dress very professional – business dress code and I had only an hour of time…well it was stress, some…but I did it, I’ve made it. So I was on one of the greatest concerts in my life. Both concerts were sold out and I was there for free, more, I was paid for being there. So cool! And another thing happened, before the concert started and the hall was still empty main performer came to me, gave me hand, greeting kiss, thanked me because I was there and asked me for my name. Well, it was a shock for me since I do not want to be on cameras and photographs, but I survived! And Yes, it was the greatest concerts I visited in my life and I must say I’ve seen many great performers.

Contrast: dreams – I was angry (stolen bag, no lockers), someone organized a day of activities. I woke up in all this feelings and it was unpleasant for me. It took me some time to get back into alignment.

Contrast: unpleasant feeling of being available all the time to other people. It’s time to set limits. ‘ I know how to set limits and I am ok with that. It is easy for me to set limits.’

Contrast: I was crossing zebra crossing when a woman did not stop the car. Nothing dangerous happened, but I did experience big contrast – huge expansion. ‘I am safe and all is well.’

Contrast: I received payment for my mobile testing work, they did not take into account my request for split amounts and the government took 25% tax. I was very angry! My affirmation was: ‘I deserve only nice and beautiful things, only nice and beautiful things come to me.’


  1. Synchronicity: 2255, 111 (yesterday), 111, 222, 333, 1122, 1144, 1515, 6767, 666, CV, 0101, 000, 000, CV, 1441, 777, 1717, 111, 222, 666, 111
  2. I’ve seen my favourite brand of the car 4 times
  3. Thinking about new business
  4. I’ve seen luxury car 6 times, one had car plate 777AAA
  5. Nice drink with classmates – positive feedback
  6. Beautiful sunny day
  7. Beautiful time in the city centre
  8. Swan on the river
  9. Cute ducks
  10. I saw many cars of one brand for which I have applied, they have a play contest
  11. The greatest and coolest concert! WooW!!!
  12. I could park in VIP area

Play list:

I’ve learned/realized:

  • Make your dreams come true! I am making them happen.

No storytelling process.

Good night and manifest big!


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