Day 93 (272 left) Law Of Attraction

Challenging day because of feeling my period, I will be very honest, I am in a state I do not feel like writing the blog, since there is full moon, my body feels almost each cell and I am half sleeping. I know it is OK if I feel all that and I know tomorrow will be better day. So, more details will follow tomorrow.

I’ve made it! I managed to experience lucid dreaming!!!! It was so cool. While I was dreaming I asked myself if I am dreaming and I looked at my palms and saw 6 fingers on each hand, I was amazed because I knew I was dreaming! I immediately stopped doing what I was doing in my dreams, I wanted to fly. I tried and it was interesting but in the next stage I wanted to go through the brick wall but I couldn’t.


Contrast: pain of period and the feeling of not feeling like doing anything.

Contrast: offer for new windows was not complete.

Contrast: skin problems. ‘My skin is healthy and beautiful. I release all resentment towards anyone.


  1. Lucid dreaming!
  2. I’ve seen my favourite brand of the car 3 times
  3. Good night sleep
  4. Immediate bus connection with favourite seat
  5. Synchronicity: 555, 8998, 33333, 777, 111, 888, 111, 111, 555, 5500, 444, 555, 2121, 222, 2323
  6. I’ve seen luxury car 6 times
  7. Good presentation at university
  8. Nice drink with class mate
  9. Sparrow flew between our heads
  10. Beautiful river in the middle of the center
  11. Warm sunny day
  12. Another sparrow – cute
  13. I had a feeling that a partner was not chosen for a new job
  14. Funny raven sitting on a billboard
  15. Beautiful white heron flew close to window

Play list:

  • Nothing!

I’ve learned/realized:

  • It is cool to dream lucid…try it! I wrote the procedure two week ago.

Today is day 72 of my storytelling process.

Good night!


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