Day 96 (269 left) Law Of Attraction

My path of least resistance in case of a contrast which involves anger is still to walk away, to step out of the scene, to go into my thoughts and to feel my body. It’s OK if I feel what I feel, it’s just what I do with it, is very important because in that state it is easy to hurt a person. So, walk away, breathe and stay calm, and feel the anger. I know I have a lot of anger to process, but it is not all that bad as it looks. Anger can give you the power to do new things in life, because we are so sick of the situation we ‘think’ we are stuck in. So use your anger not to hurt others but to do maximum, be creative and propulsive.


Contrast: I was woken up by the sound of partner alarm clock, my alarm was set an hour later. Huh, I couldn’t fall back to sleep because of all the noise. My affirmation was: ‘I sleep well and I wake up when I intend to wake up, my body feels nice and I have lots of energy.’

Contrast: anger, feeling pity, disgust, reluctance, indecisiveness, cowardice, standpoint of powerlessness, no courage (of ‘coming out’). ‘I am surrounded with positive, strong, focused people, who are brave and know it’s their life!’

Contrast: another anger because of my ‘seen’ situation (I know I am not helping me with that! But still I felt anger), no car, no flat… Affirmation: ‘I know it is painful but my life will soon change for good. My life is nice and easy, I can go where I want to go, I have my beautiful car and home, I am with wonderful person and I have great friends.’


  1. Free time
  2. Alone
  3. Cat in my lap, she was cute and she liked me petting her
  4. My song was again Love My life by Robbie Williams, it has a strong message!
  5. Synchronicity: 222, 777, 1212, 1221, 222, 3333, 444, 888, 33533, 000, 2002, 000, 2112, 9669, 9999
  6. I’ve seen my favourite brand of the car 5 times!
  7. I’ve seen 2 luxury cars
  8. I meditated two times, once for relationship and once for money
  9. I had time and energy to do research for a new business
  10. Nice walk in the city park
  11. Nice drink with friend
  12. Beautiful smell of flowers
  13. Dove
  14. Nice singing class
  15. Cool talk about dreams with my singing mate

Play list:

I’ve learned/realized:

  • I am grateful for emphatic people around me!

  • I am grateful for the situation I am in.

  • I love my life.

Today is day 75 of my storytelling process.

My life is beautiful and my thoughts are beautiful! I am beautiful!

Please tell me your story, what is your experience with The Law Of Attraction?


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