Day 102 (263 left) Law Of Attraction

I was facing challenge about working hours with low hourly rate, preoccupation, not enough time and my new business of bio-resonance which I’ll start at the end of May. It’s like I am putting all parts on a scale. I know I gave a promise to work in a new (old) job I visited today, but I know I have a free will and if I’ll see I make more money in my new bio-resonance business I will without bad conscience quit the new (old) job since they are not prepared to offer me better hourly rate. Fair enough! But since then I’ll work there.


Contrast (yesterday): unpleasant feelings while waiting to go to bed, girlfriend was doing something for work. ‘I can go to bed early and I sleep well each time. My body regenerates fully.’

Contrast: I felt stress because of new working hours and obligation, actually promise I gave. Then I said to myself: ‘No! I have a lot of free time and I make good money, everything is ok’ and it helped, I receive immediate bus connection with empty seat.

Contrast: anger because of fake pressure (Owen was too soon hot and ready). I am in peace and when I cook I am surrounded with peace and calmness and all cooperative components are in peace.


  1. Synchronicity: 2121, 2200, 222, 2255, 2323 (yesterday), 444, 9999, 0909, 222, 1010, 111, AAA000, 444, 111, 444, CV, 999, 333, 1551, 555, 2121, 333
  2. Immediate bus connection
  3. Sunny but cold day
  4. Empathy – feeling classmate’s tiredness and numb left side of the body
  5. Nice talk with university colleague and with a classmate
  6. I received a text message from my friend just after we finished lectures, to meet her if I have time, she was working in the city centre
  7. Nice ex-boss welcome and talk, I went to new (old) working place
  8. Nice 4 hugs
  9. Happy feelings (hugs)
  10. I’ve seen luxury car 2 times, one had a car plate AAA000! or many times if I take into consideration all luxury cars in the video I AM.
  11. Nice walk
  12. Birds singing
  13. Free time to relax and write story (82nd day)
  14. When I paid lotto I’ve seen the most luxurious car – Maserati! Abundance!With-Law-Of-Attraction-365-days-Maserati-LOA
  15. Delicious lunch/dinner (home-made mousaka of organic potato, organic eggs, wild asparagus and organic cottage cheese) with girlfriend. Yummy!
  16. Talk about Madeira trip

Play list:

I’ve learned/realized:

  • Stabilising scarcity thinking makes peace in mind.

  • There is no guarantee in life, it’s all free and open, we can change our mind and look what gives us better outcome. All is well!

Today is day 81 of my storytelling process.

Stress free, my life is stress free!

Please tell me your story, what is your experience with The Law Of Attraction?


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