Day 103 (262 left) Law Of Attraction

Being connected and in the Vortex means being in peace with where I am, all is well and only good things come to me. That is so true!


Contrast: fear, being alone in the woods. I connected with my guiding angel, he did cleansing of my body and then I felt peace.

Contrast: cat biting girlfriend, I was in a shock, I felt fear and anger! Cat also knows what she wants and what she does not want/like. Future affirmation: ‘The cat likes to have nice hair without any knots and she is relaxed while the knots are being removed.’


  1. Synchronicity: 222, 2222, 333, 111, 111, 888, 1144, 1122, 777, 1331, 777, 555, 999, 1441, 2288, 555, 444, 999, 1313, 8888, 777, 555, 777, 555
  2. Very quality meditation – feeling of floating
  3. Relaxing easy time
  4. Nice walk into the forest
  5. Empathy – I felt singing lessons will be cancelled
  6. Beautiful butterflies
  7. Leafs in the forest are growing bigger
  8. Nice flowers
  9. I’ve seen my favourite brand of the car 4 times
  10. Sunny day but cold
  11. Sitting on a bench beneath a mystic tree – so nice and it was sunny.
  12. I’ve seen luxury car 2 times, one had car plate 555
  13. Nice time with partner, we were looking for new shoes and backpack, I have put my therapeutic practice to work and it helped
  14. Funny – duck with large body overflew the car

Play list:

I’ve learned/realized:

  • Nature is safe, dwell in it!

Today is day 82 of my storytelling process.

Fear, what does it mean? When I deepened into the feeling of fear I realised there is nothing to be afraid in the nature, we are safe on Earth and in the Universe! I love me and my life and the Universe loves me.

Please tell me your story, what is your experience with The Law Of Attraction?


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