Day 105 (260 left) Law Of Attraction

OK, I thought I will freak out! Horrible day is behind me, actually horrible experiences and contrasts (I am expanding Big!). There are such people that want a lot of attention and take lots of energy. Affirmation: ‘I am free of such people and energies, I let them all go. I am free and all is well, only nice positive people surround me!’ Record of contrasts (9)!


When I’ve seen a pot for flowers with the sign Home, something changed inside me, in my heart, my heart has opened. I experienced a strong wish to have my own home.

Contrast: ‘I let go all judging and comparing.’

Contrast: I was sensing uncomfortable feelings when parents of my girlfriend were with us. It happened when I started putting protection on chairs and when her mother stepped in our bedroom. ‘Only nice end positive energies are surrounding me all the time.’

Contrast: I experienced a feeling, I am sure you know what I mean, when you want to throw someone through the window, because you cannot listen to them any longer, awful!

Contrast: I experienced anger – asking why instead of listening what I am saying.

Contrast: I heard comments that were not suitable! Like, you’ll bear…it was regarding food and I was hungry.

Contrast: I heard interfering in decisions made by others for girlfriend regarding motorbike. Well, people should mind their own business and not interfere in lives of their adult children, really! Have respect!

Contrast: I experienced anger because my place in the car was taken. My affirmation: ‘I always have my space, I always have my word and all is well.’ ‘F*** ***, I deserve proper partner who respects me and gives me the right credit!’

Contrast: I experienced sadness, anger and rejection. Affirmation: ‘I respect me, I have a partner who respects me, loves me in front of her parents and has courage to show that!’

Contrast: again anger because of manipulation of a parent (separate drive; separately from my girlfriend and she did nothing to prevent it). Affirmation: ‘I let it all go.’


  1. Synchronicity: 111, 111, 1122, 1155, 666, 111, 111, 666, 1414, 777, 555, 9339, 666, 2020, 2020
  2. Song of Robbie Williams Love My Life was on the radio when we were driving to another store
  3. Flock of pigeons flew by, two were white
  4. Nice food in the restaurant (baked beans and spinach pie)
  5. Partner took me by the hand for the first time after a year and four months in front of her parents
  6. I’ve seen my favourite brand of the car 4 times
  7. I’ve seen luxury car 6 times, one had a car plate 666, second had 111

Play list:

I’ve learned/realized:

  • I know people will never change or hoping they will change, I feel I am losing too much energy being with people who are too resistant and do not allow me or any other person who is there to be who he/she is. I let all such people go, I know it makes nothing good for me and my body! I am surrounded only with nice, loving, caring and positive people who respect me and people around them.

Today is day 83 of my storytelling process.

Life loves me.

Please tell me your story, what is your experience with The Law Of Attraction?


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