Day 108 (257 left) Law Of Attraction

We slept well and woke up with more energy than we had yesterday.

Madeira is such a lovely island. Small and cute. We bought so many interesting new foods and cooked fresh tuna, I also prepared raw meat of best tuna slice and it was delicious.


Some manifestations (I have to say I did not mark all of them since I was the driver and was pretty much concentrated on the narrow roads and beautiful nature, buildings and scenery. So, here are some manifestations:

  1. Synchronicity: 4455, 888, 666, 888, 555, 999, 1818, 1919, 2222, 2332
  2. So niceeeeeee!
  3. White pigeon
  4. I’ve seen one luxury car, perhaps more but I was not counting, well, I’m sure there were more
  5. I’ve seen 5 cars of my favourite brand
  6. Super good food
  7. Great market with wide variety of foods
  8. Seagulls
  9. Nice bird singing
  10. Nice time on the balcony with top view (first row at the sea)
  11. Many nice things (walk along the sea on mosaic roads, 7 dogs looking over balcony, very narrow roads, look of jungle – wow!, palm trees, nice smells, beautiful artistically painted doors, restaurants…)
  12. Such nice atmosphere (warm, feeling moisture, sun…)

Tomorrow is next adventures beautiful day waiting to be explored.

I wish you great manifestations!


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