Day 110 (255 left) Law Of Attraction

Another wonderful day is behind me. We’ve been through rainy mountains and storms on the North and North West to sunny Funchal on the South. There has been so many magnificent views over so many nice mountains, cows, calf drinking cow’s milk, plateaus, sea sides, drove through road waterfall – funny and extreme (we did it from the wrong side of the road), fantastic flowers, parks, marina, trees and other, to me unknown, plants. We prepared really delicious fish which costed only 0.70 cent (received 6 for that money). And of course, bananas of Madeira Rock! They are truly full of nice flavours! Yummy (and I am not a banana fan). Night walk in the city of Funchal has its charm, cute little restaurants, mosaic pathways and people enjoying their dinner, this is one of ‘must do’ things on our list, but possible for lunch not dinner, we’ll see.


All is great except pain in feet because of so much walking and problem with bed, it is too soft for me and today we’ll try to sleep on extendable sofa, wish me luck.

One of manifestations was also record organic growth of blog. Thank you all!

Sleep well and do manifest beautiful things. The law of attraction is in your hands, actually thoughts!


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