Day 111 (254 left) Law Of Attraction

Tired…going to bed soon, but furst I would like to share my traveling day. We did four attractions, the tallest cliff, nice cute little town Camara de Lobos, famous Market place and Botanical Gardens. Then we saw a sign of Choupana Hills Resort & Spa, I googled it and saw it was beautiful. Then we drove to the place and sadly saw the ruins of devastation made by last year’s fires.

About our delicacy, we bought Black Scabbard fish and many bananas (well, also passion fruits and other fruits). Hm, we were tricked and bought the most expensive Passion fruit Market could offer and of course that was one of major contrasts (knowing what you want and what you don’t want). We prepared the traditional meal Black Scabbard fish with banana at our place. I do not like fried fish so I grilled it without eggs and flour and banana also and it was delicious. We also prepared sweet potato, first we cooked it and then baked for a short while on the butter. It was Yummy!!!


While we were at the city centre in the morning we had a drink and tried some local cakes and sweet pastry. I have to say that it is so too much sweet for me, since I do not eat sugar except in fruits.

One thing happened to me a few minutes ago – deja vu, it happened in our new apartment. It makes me think.

I wish you a good night, my night was not that good, because of sleeping on sofa. I’ll try it again, but from the other side and I hope it will be better, so I will wake up fresh and full of energy.

I wish you nice manifestations from your world – Universe!


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