Day 112 (253 left) Law Of Attraction

Today we slept longer time, until 9:30 a.m., we were both very tired and sleeping on couch was not that comfortable but for me still better than bed. After breakfast we discovered one nice path close to our apartment along the sea-side with natural swimming pools and tunnel. There we saw a lesbian couple. I do not know how Madeira residents usually look on LGBT people, because we received mainly positive response. It was time for tomato soup with garlic potato bread, huge portion. Then we visited caves in Sao Vicente, it was worth seeing, so cool, walking in veins of volcano. I sincerely recommend it. I also touched the lava stone and I felt warm energy in chest area, this is a stone of the Earth, Mother Earth and resonates with heart chakra.


We had dinner in local restaurant and ordered traditional scabbard fish on Madeira style and meat. I would mark it with 7 of 10 points. I know I have higher criteria because I eat only home-made organic food and on top of that, I am usually preparing it. As the gift we received a glass of Madeiran sweet wine, it was very strong and I felt it in my legs.


Off to bed (well, couch) and tomorrow is a new day to discover.

Manifest great things (I helped myself with affirmations of Louise Hay to get me back on track) and sleep well.


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