Day 113 (252 left) Law Of Attraction

I woke up with the Sun and the song Finally, so nice. I have to say I felt milder low energy last day when I saw dark cloudy sky in the morning (again), but this day was different – finally!

Beautiful day is coming to the end. We woke at 8 a.m. and went out as soon as we could. We’ve been to the second highest mountain Pico do Areeiro and the view was spectacular despite some fog and clouds where we continued our breakfast. Then we continued our journey to Ribeiro Frio where we saw fish ponds and did shorter walk along beautiful Levadas. Next city was Santana with cute little houses from time of Christof Columbus, they truly are an art. Then we’ve seen some really beautiful cliffs and beaches from Santana panoramic view point – magnificent! After Santana we headed towards Porto da Cruz where we had delicious dinner, Lapas with traditional garlic and butter bread, black scabbard fish baked in the oven with potato and grilled octopus. Everything was very tasteful, not like the day before. They deserve 10 out of 10. After lunch we decided to continue the journey along the North coast towards Sao Vicente. I must say I am impressed with all beautiful views the island has to offer, not to mention all tiny houses on stim slopes. Residents of Madeira really had to do much work to establish all infrastructure as it is seen today. Congrats!


I was thinking how beautiful our planet is, so many breath taking things to see and experience. And on top of that, where people live, literally everywhere they can.

I’m tired, it’s been a long day of travel and I am looking forward to sleep. Unfortunately I still feel the pain because of uncomfortable couch.

Good night and manifest great things, it’s your life!


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