Day 114 (251 left) Law Of Attraction

As much as I felt sick yesterday evening I woke up fine, except pain in my chest-back area (because of couch). Today I am planning to put a towel beneath the part I feel pain, I hope it will work.


Ok, enough with pain thing. Today was another magnificent day, again so many beautiful things to see, from Parque Eolico – trekking, nice lunch (fish soup, grilled octopus and apple pie) in the city center of Funchal, statue of Jesus and long stairs at Ponta do Garajau, to small village Monte. We missed the sledging but we saw other festival of folklore group. It was interesting to see.

We also took time to buy some food-souvenirs and groceries. Our wish was Lapas (Clams) but they did not have them, so we bought some other things, all except fish since it was not fresh and wild but farmed fish. Amongst things we brought was also red bread, it was a nice bread made with beet.

Another expedition we did was visiting LGBT bar, but we found out it was not working for longer period.

I am again amazed over all beautiful things our Earth and the Universe have to offer.

Good night!


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