Day 115 (250 left) Law Of Attraction

Extraordinary trip with sun all day. Really wow! Path from Funchal to Ribeira Brava which is cute little town with many souvenirs shops, to Calheta, for more luxurious travellers with white sandy beach from Maroko. We had a nice soup lunch there (fish and tomato) and traditional bread with garlic. We even touched the sea with our feet. Then we continued the path to the West side of the island, to Ponta do Pargo, very nice light house and spectacular view but unfortunately you could smell the urine in the air. We also saw Levadas, this time it had no water but was surrounded with so many flowers my eyes could enjoy. Next was Porto Moniz, but not because we have planned it but because we were running out of gas and the closest gas station was there. As we were already in Porto Moniz we took a chance and went swimming in Natural swimming pool. It was no one there, water was really cold, but after many repeats it appeared to be warm. We saw also so many beautiful waves with breaking light of the sun, really wow!!! Our journey continued along Northern coat, we passed Seixal with lava tongue. It was already night but the feeling in Seixal was still wonderful.

Good night and manifest Big!


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