Day 118 (247 left) Law Of Attraction

After 10 day vacation trip I am still on vacation mode. I am also on period mode. If you are a woman you will understand what I am saying. It is also a time of full moon coming so I am in my feeling sensations and emotions all over.

Today I had a dream about my classmate and in the morning I saw she has sent me LinkedIn invitation. It is interesting how everything is connected.

In my personal life I feel a lot of resistance and barriers, I am on a point where I feel I do not need many things I am experiencing and I know I deserve much better quality of life and relationship. I know everything I see is my projection and a mirror of my past thoughts and I know I do not need plenty of them.

Astrologically I know I am on a crossroad and I know what would be best for me but I am still persisting in a state which does not serve me well. I know I’ll have to make a decision soon because I am feeling it all over my body!

Now let’s go to affirmations that will help me reach my desired life:

I love myself. I love me. I appreciate me.

I deserve beautiful life. I live beautiful life.

I am abundant. Abundance comes to me in many forms and I appreciate all.

I am successful, powerful, brave, decisive, health, happy, creative, fun, lovable, loving, and persistent. I am me. I am proud of who I am. I am respected and desired.

I have loving, respectful, harmonious, creative, balanced, nice, beautiful, safe, peaceful, fun, gentle, healthy, adventures, successful, calm, intimate, abundant relationship full of interest, travel, luxury, time, money, space and inner peace.

This will do for now. I know there are many more affirmations. One thing I am doing besides affirmations is visualisation. Today I saw myself in a beautiful luxurious car driving towards my huge house along tree-lined lane. It was so beautiful!!!


Today I saw numbers (synchronicity), luxury cars, villa and I ate really well. Yummy!

Sleep well and dream (manifest) big!


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