Day 120 (245 left) Law Of Attraction

Yesterday I experienced break down. I was crying like rain. I am spiritual person and when I see the world from the perspective of material I feel major uncomfort. I did say yesterday I give up, I do not want do drive myself for material things, I do not feel like being on the Earth anymore. Once I heard that here is life the hardest and I have felt this saying in my body. I know I am a being of light and sometimes I feel it is just too moch for me. I know, reading this you might say, where is the Law of attraction? Well, the law is, and I am in the Vortex or out of the Vortex. Yesterday I was out. And today I am back in. This is how the life goes. Huhhh!


Contrast: I think I said enough in upper paragraph.


  1. Synchronicity: 2112, 2121, 111, 1111, 1212, 222, 4444, 4422, 1818
  2. I bought a lotto ticket
  3. I went for a nice walk and sat on a bench, watching trees and sky when I saw a friend (unusual location to meet)
  4. Nice bird’s singing
  5. I received a sign – I’ve met a ‘pure light’ (friend), it was my confirmation from yesterday’s breakdown. We talked about pure light, soul mate (twin soul), support and feeling easy in relationship. While we talked her cigarette turned off (it was my inner wish since I saw her beautiful as a soul and thought she doesn’t need the cigarette for ‘light’ body), she wanted to light it again but her lighter did not work. She realised this was a sign so she stopped trying.
  6. Immediate elevator
  7. I took time for me – alone and doing what I wanted
  8. I had nice singing practice
  9. I prepared a nice lunch and dinner
  10. I took time to watch a comedy film, it made me laugh

Play list:

I’ve learned/realized:

  • Before the day gets brighter the night is darkest.
  • A person who did a bad deed will soon remove himself from the Planet with disease making him not know reality and have no memory. I heard a story about this today and I though it makes sense. Of course it is not the same with every disease, I know for sure just for this case.

It is day 85 of my story telling process.

There are Ups and Downs, stay in the Vortex. All is well!

Please tell me your story, what is your experience with The Law Of Attraction?

Good night!


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