Day 122 (243 left) Law Of Attraction

I did not meditate on Abraham Hicks clip yesterday since it was very late and I was sleepy, I just meditated for shorter time by myself.

Today is girlfriends birthday and I experienced major contrast. I wrote all things in my book, why I cannot be with her anymore and I prepared a lunch for her birthday. I experienced challenge regarding that, she asked to east something nice and something we usually do not eat. So I thought to prepare Swiss chard with cottage cheese and feta between layers of strudel dough. I made everything from scratch, except cheese of course and everything was organic. Then I prepared Chocolate Soufflé with Raspberry. I did both dishes for the first time and both were delicious. I was all day under pressure and I felt confusion in my head. I am glad it is over, but I have to say that amazed me how good I prepared food. I felt like Master Chef!


Yes, I was in five different stores and mainly standing all day, now my legs hurt. Huhh, I’ll start manifesting easier life. Some affirmations that will help: ‘My life is easy and flowing, everything I want and wish comes to me in perfect timing. I love, respect and treasure myself. I am surrounded with nice people, nice energies, great ideas come to me, I am creative. All is well.’

On top of all I vacuumed the car, so it was shiny.

Contrast: Feeling discomfort about being in the relationship. I wrote cons and now everything is on hold. ‘All is well.’


  1. Synchronicity: 111, 888, 333, 444, 1414, 1771, 444, 666, 888, 888, 444, 444, 111
  2. All day alone
  3. Half day preparing for cooking
  4. I’ve seen my favourite brand of the car!
  5. I made Swiss chard with cottage cheese and feta between layers of strudel dough for the first time from scratch
  6. I made Chocolate Raspberry Soufflé for the first time and it was just beautiful and perfect!
  7. I received a great idea about the flat
  8. Today is Euro song contest, chill out evening, enjoy!

Play list:

I’ve learned/realized:

  • Ease and again ease.

  • I learn every day something nice and new.

It is day 87 of my story telling process.

Please tell me your story, what is your experience with The Law Of Attraction?

I wish you some nice cooking manifestations!


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