Day 124 (241 left) Law Of Attraction

Details come later, it was interesting and full of emotions, especially in the evening.

Here are some details, I experienced a turbulent state in my relationship. I felt I cannot go on anymore so I said it out loud. There was a lot of sadness in the air and on the other hand the release button was pressed. I felt lighter since I’ve said all what I wanted to say for quite some time. Yes, there were many tears. I was ready to go and leave all behind. But after long talk (we were supposed to watch Euro song live broadcast) we missed all Euro song but managed to smooth the energies that were absolutely out of the Vortex. For someone new reading this blog this means that we (whole situation) was not in alignment with the easy and comfortable way of The Law Of Attraction being in the Vortex, my inner being did not feel the same as I did, so I felt really horrible (it is sort of funny, I felt like that because I was not in the Vortex but at the same time I was creating much to my new experience for the future – I was expanding).

Let me list some nice manifestations:

  1. Synchronicity: 555, 8008, 1155, 9999, 222, 1212, 222, 777, 555, 111, 8888, 888, 777, 1616, 9889, 222, 222
  2. I’ve seen 4 cars of my favourite brand!
  3. I’ve also seen a car with plate GO, YES (or FOR) 555 – it is nice when I am able to see the Universe’s signs!
  4. Nice singing lesson

It was day 89 of storytelling process.

I wish you nice manifestations!


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