Day 126 (239 left) Law Of Attraction

It was a day of exam for bio-resonance, well, I hope I did it well.

In the morning I felt urge to go out since it was sunny, so we went to market place, bought some delicious organic olive oil, halloumi cheese, wild fish (direct translation is wild frog, but I don’t know the right translation) and had drink at the patisserie. I am grateful for partner helping me to learn, she was asking me questions and I was answering. I figured out this was the fastest way for my brain to cooperate.

Let me list some nice manifestations:

  1. Synchronicity: 555, 1313, 1414, 444, 111, 777, 999, 999, 222, 777, 111. It’s nice to see the Universe working!
  2. We had a nice time at the market place in the city centre, it really is a place to see, so many people, interesting events, live music…
  3. I’ve seen my favourite brand of the car 2 times!
  4. I’ve seen 4 luxury cars and many old timers!
  5. Partner prepared delicious lunch, I only helped with salting the fish. It really was delicious!!!
  6. In the evening we watched replay from Thursday Euro song contest broadcast, but we run out of time since Saturday’s Euro song began and we continued watching live broadcast.

I did not meditate since Euro song finished very late, I’ll do that tomorrow. ‘Easy and with the flow’.

One more thing; thank you for organic growth of the Blog!

I wish you nice manifestation of your day / life!


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