Day 127 (238 left) Law Of Attraction

Today I decided not to learn, to take a day off even though I have an exam on Wednesday. Relax! I had many writing to do for last three days since I wrote very little on the Blog, but my notes were just waiting to be spilled on a keyboard.

I have to say thanks to all Blog readers and for all Likes! I appreciate it!

Let me list some today’s nice manifestations:

  1. Synchronicity: 888, 888, 000, 999, 9999, 99999, 333, 666, 333, 000, 444
  2. Walk in the protocol park full of trees, ponds and nice paths
  3. Nice birds
  4. Birds singing
  5. I’ve seen 5 cars of my favourite brand!
  6. I’ve seen one luxury car
  7. We found a roof to ‘hide’ the car before the hail

Sometimes it is nice to reset all energies, to get clear minded and focused in the goals. Focusing on what I want and feel it happen is the way that is taking me there.

Evening is reserved for a comedy film since cells in the body are in the Vortex (alignment) when I feel relaxed, happy and calm.

Play list:

I wish you nice Manifestations and Dream Big!


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