Day 128 (237 left) Law Of Attraction

I am happy to announce with the cat in my lap that I’ve passed the exam for bio-resonance. Congrats! In the following 15-20 days I have training on how to use the device and I’ll be ready to start working. Yay!!!!

At the end of the day come more details.

Manifest your beautiful life, remember, your thoughts create your future! It is just the way the universe works (Law of Attraction).

And thank you for organic growth of Blog!

Some more details; nice manifestations:

  1. Synchronicity: 999, 1414, 444, 555, 333, CV, 777, 1717, 3333, 2121
  2. Luxury cars 2 times!
  3. My favourite brand of the car 3 times!
  4. I had a nice walk along the fence
  5. Nice birds singing
  6. Beautiful pigeon

Song of the day was Corona – Rhythm of the Night!

I felt very low with the energy after working in my new temporary job. I felt exhaustion since I felt the adrenaline while at the office. My affirmation: ‘This is just a temporary state, all is well.’

Play list of the day:

Good night!


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