Day 129 (236 left) Law Of Attraction

Another hopefully last exam of statistics is waiting for me tomorrow. I am making as much as I can out of my minutes before sleep.

Of course more details follow tomorrow.

Here they are:

Contrast (expansion in terms of the Law of Attraction): In the morning I felt pain in my stomach, I felt too much adrenaline, again plenty of empathy (feeling others). Yes, it is a gift and I am proud of it and yes, sometimes it can be a bit too much. If you are also as sensible and empathic you will understand what I mean.

Thank you all Blog readers, I appreciate it!

Here are some nice manifestations:

  1. Synchronicity: 111, 333, 3333, 000, 4488, 1212, 777, AAA000 (again), 555, 444, 1414, 000, 0033
  2. I’ve seen 3 luxury cars, one had a car plate AAA000 (I’ve seen it in the past) – past is repeating
  3. I’ve seen 2 cars or my favourite brand
  4. Cute hairy caterpillar
  5. Cute mice
  6. Walk in the forest, lunch on the bench surrounded with birds singing
  7. Nice clarinet music
  8. When we last time passed nice villa we talked how would be living there, today one half is for sale for half million
  9. It was time for me – being alone and enjoying nature
  10. I realized I have all support I need (point of clarity, it’s when all clouds disappear and I’m receiving only clear signal, if you had such experience you can understand, if not yet, I wish you one)
  11. I had the energy to clean the flat, it is I guess the first condition to start learning
  12. I had a nice time on the balcony (birds singing and I was learning for tomorrow’s exam)

I wish you nice stress free manifestations!


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