Day 130 (235 left) Law Of Attraction

I wrote exam and am glad it is over. My body was literally shaking since I slept only five hours, too much and too big contrast! Now I am chilling on the couch listening to the Smooth radio Sydney.

One funny thing happened, when I came home I was my trousers were ripped on my buttocks, hm, fortunately no one could see it since it was on lower part of trousers.

Contrast: Suddenly there were no car document in the car purse, this happened soon after I started driving with the car. Well, then I found it. I said to myself, all is well, I trust the Universe. And frankly it is the best I could do in such situation.

Thank you all Blog readers, I appreciate it!

Here are some nice manifestations:

  1. I’ve seen 2 cars or my favourite brand
  2. Synchronicity: 555, 222, 222, 444, 999, 333, 444, 444, 777, 000, 888, 1616, 444, 555, 555, car plate HURRAH! That was the final touch of today’s signs
  3. I’ve seen 7 luxury cars!
  4. Cute playful tit bird was accompanying me
  5. Cute mice
  6. Time alone on the couch, had to write details of yesterday’s blog, it is such nice weather
  7. One of manifestations is also regular use of girlfriend’s car, I am grateful for it! Thank you!

Today I felt nostalgia about Australia, it’s been two years since I have returned to Europe. Sometimes I see nice pictures of the landscape, buildings, events and people in my mind or just feel it. Today I’m listening to Smooth radio to see what cool songs are playing on air Down Under! Those cheering for Australian song at Euro Song, I have to say it was really nice song and singer Isaiah Firebrace radiated very nice energy.

Play list:

Today is day 91 of my storytelling.

Manifest nice, happy and free life!


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