Day 131 (234 left) Law Of Attraction

Nice day, beautiful events and people.


  1. Synchronicity: 2211, 444, 3377, 1111, 999, 8866, 999, 444, 444, 555, 1551, 555, 444, 888, 111111111111 (Wow!)
  2. I’ve seen my favourite brand of the car 3 times
  3. I’ve seen luxury car 4 times, one had car plate 555
  4. I talked to nice classmate
  5. I received a contact for all important pharmaceutical companies. Thank you!
  6. I had a nice drink with a friend who recently came from Asia, what stories…nice to see her again!
  7. Nice walk and talk with a friend from singing lessons and his friend to the castle
  8. Concert at the castle, my professor for singing lessons was performing, very nice!
  9. Nice time alone in the city centre
  10. Immediate bus with favourite chair
  11. Cute bat flying


  • How cool it is to differentiate feelings, to know what’s my and what’s not. Then the easy part comes, to let people ‘alone’ in feeling place they want to be. It’s only through asking that involvement becomes relevant and needed. Otherwise it is just one of imposing things!

Play list:

 Today is day 92 of storytelling.

Thank you for organic growth of the Blog!

Manifest nice life!


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