Day 132 (233 left) Law Of Attraction

I feel great since it is very warm and all life is in full bloom. I feel many things are changing in my life, I feel I am open for business and new contacts, I know I can stand on my feet and feel proud of who I am.  I know I overgrew many social contacts, situation and states and I know I deserve only the best therefore I look forward to beginning of my new business in June! When being in the Universe creative energies flow everything comes together, that’s for sure!!

Contrast (expansion): I felt overload and psychical abuse at the workplace and I am eager to leave it as soon as my new business will be in full sweep.

Contrast (again expansion): I sometimes feel bad since my skin is slightly damaged but I have faith I’ll find a healthy way to heal it. There, problem and solution affirmation at the same time J

Another and last contrast today: I know what I want but I am at the moment experiencing what I do not want. I know I deserve open, true relationship with the truth as final touch! And I know I’ll get it. ‘I release everything.’


  1. Synchronicity: 2233, 2255, 333, 333, 222, 555, 1414, 1515, 000, 555, 1551, 111, 888, 111, 999, 1717, 666666666, 2020, 888, 333, AA55, 777, 222, 777
  2. I’ve seen my favourite brand of the car 5 times
  3. I’ve seen luxury car 6 times, one as yesterday had car plate 555, cool!
  4. I had nice time (drink) with lesbian couple ‘new friends’ and their dog
  5. I have been to the skyscraper and there was so cool music
  6. I experienced very nice energy overflowing my body – great feeling being alone


  • I love being alone 🙂

Play list:

I had the opportunity to get a new nice playlist:

Today is day 93 of storytelling.

Dream Big and Manifest Beautiful Life, it’s Yours!


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