Day 133 (232 left) Law Of Attraction

A day of learning life. I am happy to see things changing. My yesterday’s contrast regarding open, true relationship with the truth as final touch is becoming reality. I am amazed how fast the Universe is bringing what I want (and I know I deserve it!). Thank you Universe – Grateful for everything!

Contrast (expansion): alcohol smell, late home arrival, waking me up. Therefore my path of least resistance was to sleep alone and I did.

Contrast (again expansion): anger, because we were too late for cleaning of parking space, we forgot to move the car so they couldn’t clean it. ‘I give up and let go!’ I thought feeling angry doesn’t change anything and it harms my body so I stopped being angry and let everything go.


  1. I’ve seen my favourite brand of the car 2 times
  2. Synchronicity: 7788, 88888, 777, 1414, FOR 777, 111, 666
  3. Beautiful flock of pigeons flying
  4. I alone went for a walk to the forest even though it was raining, it was so nice, peace! There is a little church and there was a wedding, I’ve seen it there for the first time, one wedding car had a car plate 88888. Funny, just after I sat in the car, turned the radio on I heard the lyrics ‘ nice day for a white wedding…’ from Billy IdolWhite Wedding
  5. Nice magical tree
  6. We cooked delicious lunch, after a long time I prepared roast and it was delicious (organic meat)
  7. Evening reserved for a comedy with partner, funny movie – License to wed (Third wedding sign, interesting!)


  • Things are becoming better.

Play list:

Today is day 94 of storytelling.

Believe and you’ll see, seek and you’ll find!



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